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A professional registered agent service company, which provides the best value for corporate and registered agent services through, competitive pricing and quality service. With our office located in Lexington, Kentucky Lenders Assistance, Inc. represents thousands of companies across the great state of Kentucky.

We have spent years, building a long history of dedicated clients, services and very competitive prices. Our Registered Agents have a combined 30+ years in the business. With the highest standards for client satisfaction.


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A registered agent acts on a company’s behalf in receiving legal documents such as Service of Process (i.e., Lawsuits, Liens, Subpoenas, etc.) and other mailings from regulatory agencies. In some jurisdictions, a registered agent may be referred to as a resident agent.


The initial corporate filing that creates a company is most commonly referred to as the Articles of Incorporation, sometimes known as the Articles of Organization or Charter Documents. The actual name of the initial filing varies by state and more so by company type (entity type).

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Alerts & Important Facts

  • LLC and LP Legistation
    LLC and LP Legistation
    As of October 1st, SB 967 will be in effect. Signed by Governor Malloy, the bill allows LLC or LP reinstatement after administrative dissolution or...
  • SoS Business Filing Update
    SoS Business Filing Update
    The Secretary of State has announced, effective August 31st, that they will be going paperless in regards to notice of filing or rejection for expedited...
  • Formation and Registration Fee Reduction
    Formation and Registration Fee Reduction
    With a signing by Governon Kasich on June 25, House Bill 3 goes into effect on September 26. The bill reduces business entity formation or...

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    January 2016 Closings
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  • December 2015 Closings
    December 2015 Closings
    12/23/2015 Day Before Christmas Eve Closed: North Carolina 12/24/2015 Christmas Eve Closed: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South...
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    November 2015 Closings
    11/3/2015 General Election Day Closed: Indiana, New Jersey 11/11/2015 Veteran’s Day Closed: All States Closed Kentucky Lenders Assistance Inc. 11/25/2015 Day Before Thanksgiving Closed: Virginia...